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Today’s reviews feature 9 artists who have been gaining some serious love from critics, including Nadia Reid, Chaz Bundnick Meets the Mattson 2, Chicano Batman, Polish Club, Real Estate, The Buttertones, Smino, Ravyn Lenae, Sean Heathcliff, PINS. Read reviews and hear our playlist…


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Nadia Reid “Preservation” 

Sydney Morning Herald

This new album from the wonderful Nadia Reid has gained wide spread praise for its haunting nature and ability to transport you from start to finish. We love what Bernard Zuel from Sydney Morning Herald had to say.

“The songs and the sound are superb, yet Reid’s singing is something beyond that. It’s right there, in reach, tangible, but not raw – that word doesn’t suit the tone here, it’s too harsh. Instead it has skin, so very fine skin. Translucent skin. That’s where the truth gets in.”

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Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2 “Star Stuff”

The Skinny

From the man behind Toro y Moi, Chaz Bundick teams up with jazz duo The Mattson 2 to express a different musical side to him. This psychedelia infused album is vibrant, showing strength in Bundick’s songwriting. Read the awesome review by Alexander Smail below.

“Star Stuff is a voyage into the realm of the indefinite and, by Bundick’s own admission, the music he has always wanted to make. He’s in his element here, embracing the improvisational jazz of The Mattson 2 as together they pry open your third eye and flood your mind with their cosmic apparitions.”

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Chicano Batman “Freedom is Free”

FLOOD Magazine

This album by Chicano Batman carries a controversial political message, addressing the issue of freedom. The concept is strong in spirit, and accompanied by some killer grooves this album is one to listen to. Check out Jason Woodbury’s review below!

“the band has crafted one of the most pleasurable sounding records you’ll hear this year, each element—from the bubbling organs to the fuzz guitars—applied with a generous dose of reverb. Songs like “Angel Child” perfectly demonstrate the wealth of tone at the band’s disposal, with layered, lush harmonies coursing over fluid bass and Stereolab-style leads.”

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Polish Club “Alright Already”

The Brag

The vintage, bluesy, rock duo’s long awaited debut album is finally here, and it’s exactly what we’d hope for from start to finish. Have a read of the review below written by David Young, who perfectly sums up the strengths of the album.

“Whether you’re a Club regular or just visiting for the first time, Alright Already ensures you’ll be sticking around until the lights come on and security kicks you out.”

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Real Estate “In Mind”

Gold Flake Paint

Real Estate display growth in this album, showing they are continuing to move from strength to strength, continuing to create catchy melodies while improving their songwriting. Read Ross Jones’ excellent review below!

“Real Estate as a group are very much still themselves, but just like us are growing up and simply working out where to head next. The fact that they are continuing to do so with an even greater level of songwriting presence and the elements that they were loved for in the first place is testament to the underlying strength of their music. It makes me excited for the future, mine and theirs.”

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The Buttertones “Gravedigging”

God is in the TV

With California feels through the entirety of the album, The Buttertones step up the quality in depth for their second LP. Read one of our favourite reviews by Steve Spithray below!

“Gravedigging is an awesome garage rock ‘n’ roll album from a band who have so far threatened without actually nailing a bona fide tail on the donkey. However, described as a movie waiting to happen, Gravedigging might well be an early contender for soundtrack of the year.”

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Smino “blkswm”


Smino uses this album to self reflect, to express his greatest vices through his music and create an album that is diverse and full of energy. Read the favourable review by Kelsee Thomas while listening to the album!

“Smino is letting us know in blkswn that he’s aware of the change and of the fact that he needs to pay attention to keeping his vices under control now more than ever. He asked for this blessing and now he’s asking for help while his blessings play out, so “Thank you Jesus, whoever you are.””

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Sean Heathcliff “A Boy and His Rose”

The AU Review

From Snakadaktal to solo Sean, this EP demonstrates a progressive move for Heathcliff’s music bringing us a dreamy and enjoyable listen. We really enjoyed the review of the EP by Dylan Marshall, have a look below!

“While his days in Snakadaktal may be over, the evolution of Sean Heathcliff is here for all to see. While there are still traces of who he was a few years ago musically, there are enough changes here to make you excited about where he could go next.”

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PINS “Bad Things”

Drunken Werewolf

Standing out against the many, many bands in the indie pool, PINS show us what they can do with their new EP. Fun and bold, this EP is sure to get you going. Read the review by Jack Doherty below about the band standing out in the indie crowd.

“In many ways, it feels like PINS have been aware of what they’ve been up against since day one. So with Bad Thing, their first release since last year’s sophomore album, they’ve decided to bring out the big guns.”

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