Premiere Collection

We find the best tracks being premiered by music experts around the world.


Premiere Collection #003

Check out this week’s electro-pop playlist from some of the most exciting artists in the blogosphere!



Dumb Lovers


“Dumb Lovers fuse 80s synthpop with reverb drenched guitar and dulcet vocals to make ‘Oscar’ a part new romanticism, part glam pop hybrid”

Read more at Little Indie Blogs



Ben Phipps

Don’t Wake Me Up

“Your next big ‘hands in the air as if you just don’t care’ moment comes soundtracked by Ben Phipps and Mike Ruby.”

Read the more at The Burning Ear



The Japanese House

Saw You In a Dream

“‘Saw You In A Dream'” by The Japanese House just ripped me to shreds in the most beautiful way, showing me that those things that have felt unresolved are officially in the pastÉbut it’s still okay to be in love with the story.”

Read more at The Daily Listening




Safety (feat. Brandon Banks)

“Riding the line between a medium and fast pace, the groove hits the pocket as heavier electronic elements meet progressive and pop styles.”

Read more at Semplesize



The Aces

Baby Who

“it’s an extremely groovy, sunny-sounding kiss-off to an ex”

Read more at Fader Magazine




“The track itself is a juxtaposition of old and new, mixing obscure samples and detuned sounds with a fresh, part atmospheric part electronic production”

Read more at Purple Sneakers




“This song has a great blend of modern electronic production mixed with a live band/live instrumentation feel.”

Read more at Et Musique Pour Tous



Jo Marches

Silver & Gold

While Silver & Gold explores the multifaced circularity of romantic love, its title track focuses on the intersection of unrest and curiosity. Whatever happens will just happen again / itÕs a backwards race you could never win.”

Read more from Atwood Magazine





A collab from HIRA, Craze and Hoax & A. K. Paul

Read more at Gorilla Vs Bear


Premiere Collection #002

Today’s playlist includes new tracks premiered on blogs over the past month. Enjoy some hidden gems you may have missed! Including Goldmyth, Kendl, Andy Ward, Ohrn, Friends in Paris, JANEVA, Childcare, jellyskin and Mogli. 




Lover’s Letdown

“Intimate songwriting merges seamlessly with flawless production, even ambitiously bringing a harp into the mix, Faded Dream is packed with ideas and potential.”

Read more at Crack In the Road



For Her

“‘For Her’ is a brooding combination of echoing drums, wallowing bass, and gloomy synths that many may say draws inspiration from artists like Four Tet or Bonobo.”

Read more at Dancing Astronaut


Andy Ward

Let Me Down

“Haunting, ethereal, lush… These are just some of the words we bandy about when it comes to talking about music, but never have we felt them more than in 2017 than upon first listen of this.”

Read more at Pile Rats



Release Me

“While her former band was playing more folk-pop music, she has taken the direction since 2014 towards a more electronic-infused sound, reminding the likes of Björk and Massive Attack. While the lyrics remain the same, the production got more intense, using obscure hypnotic sounds to shape her stellar voice.”

Read more at High Clouds


Friends in Paris

When Your Heart Is a Stranger

“The duo’s latest single “When Your Heart Is A Stranger,” which is taken from the duo’s forthcoming EP “Heart”, offers a track where that dreamy softness of the voice contrasts with the tune’s dynamic production and smooth electronica beats.”

Read more at Noise Porn



You & I

“JANEVA’s mesmerising and dreamy vocals go hand-in-hand with the saturated electronic-pop production. You & I is no doubt a feel-good dance-floor tune and we can see her plunge into a solo career is off to a great start.”

Read more at Stoney Roads



Made Simple

“London four-piece Childcare are crafting witty gestures over electric to touch static charms, an early evening jam to kick off the last night before the end of the world.”

Read more at Goldflakepaint




“This track fizzes as it tumbles through layers of sequenced electronics and hazy reverberation. Absolutely stunning and definitely their best track to date, we can’t wait for what comes next!”

Read more at Primal Music Blog



Road Holes

“though the track is melancholy in its sentiment, it’s tranquil enough to enjoy on a car ride with the windows down and a cold beverage in hand.”

Read more at Impose Magazine


Premiere Collection #001

Our first Premiere Collection leans towards shoegaze and fuzzy guitar sounds, featuring artists from across the globe including Auckland, Berlin and Austin. Discover some of the most exciting burgeoning bands circulating the blogosphere presenting Bells Atlas, The Love Junkies, Fazerdaze, Oddnesse, The Velveteins, No Violet, The History of Colour TV, Trementina and Forever Son.


No 1

Bells Atlas “NCAT”

BLOG: Wild Honey Pie

“With a voice that recalls both the tender obtuseness of Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano and the sultry sass of Erykah Badu, lead singer Sandra Lawson-Ndu provides the slinky thread that weaves the bands world-influenced, indie electro sound into a cohesive whole.”

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No 2

The Love Junkies “Past Intense”

BLOG: AU Review

“Less than two minutes of chaos, captured with brilliance and doled out with flair.”

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No 3

Fazerdaze “Take It Slow”

BLOG: Mad Mackeral

“Languid and alluring, the song is bursting with dreamy, bedroom-pop charms, layered with just the right hint of melancholia.”

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No 4

Oddnessee “Scream”

BLOG: Earmilk

“Scream culminates in a fuzzy guitar solo in a style and sound much akin to the Black Keys. Hypnotic and mellow, polished yet raw, Oddnesse serves up a fantastic single that pushes the bounds of indie rock.”

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No 5

The Velveteins “Midnight Surf”

BLOG: Austin Town Hall Music 

“Be prepared for a journey of a song that starts slow and builds and builds into a truly epic finish. Prepare to be amazed.”

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No 6

No Violet “Petty Child”

BLOG: Drunkenwerewolf

“warcry of a song that will resonate with anyone who likes the brash and angular instrumentation of the no wave scene and bands like Swans and – modern band reference alert – Islet, as much as it will charm fans of punk-grunge crossover bands like Sleater-Kinney (particularly during their One Beat era).”

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No 7

The History of Colour TV “As Gray as Park Can Be”

BLOG: Primal Music Blog

“This Berlin based experimental/alt-shoegaze outfit unleash a moody, introspective second single lifted off their third full length album.”

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No 8

Trementina “Oh Child”

BLOG: Four Oh Five

“Coupling anthemic pop chops with reverb-laden instrumentals, ‘Oh Child’ is a stirring, poignant single. Lead singer Vanessa Cea has the capability of conjuring stirring imagery around the fantastic, dreamy guitar parts of Cristobal Ortiz.”

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No 9

Forever Son “Crumb Kitchen”


“Gentle guitar lines, carefully harmonised vocals and almost a complete absence of percussion keep this track close to the ground, climbing only slightly higher in the chorus with some well-placed electric guitar.”

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