Maven began when co-founders Matt and Alissa noticed two types of music fans – the experts who actively share their music knowledge and those eager to receive music recommendations.   They realised that a strong music community is created when these types of fans converge, but there wasn’t a platform available to connect their worlds.

Music experts (aka Mavens) often spend 20+ hours a week discovering new music and sharing it on blogs, radio, digital playlists or with their friends. They provide new music to their own network but can’t easily find an audience outside this group. This means many music fans are missing recommendations simply because they don’t know where to find the right type of Mavens. 

Our platform matches Mavens with fans who share common music taste, allowing them to connect and easily receive recommendations, playlists, and content. 

This blog will help you discover a selection of the best Mavens in the world. To begin matching with Mavens, simply download from the app store by clicking here. If you’re a Maven and would like to join, please head to www.mavenmusic.co to apply.